Shelley Pierce

Why I Started Writing:

When I was very young, I asked for a typewriter for Christmas. I can still remember the awe I felt as I looked at the beautiful keys. I planned to write amazing stories!

Fast forward to high school speech classes. I was excited to begin learning (I am still learning) the nuts and bolts of expressing myself through words—written and spoken.

For many years, writing was purely personal. A way of expressing thought and emotion I dared not share. As God has grown me in every way, I recognize the gift He has given me. I no longer write to express myself—I pursue writing to honor Him.

Who Influenced My Writing:

My first speech class teacher, B.B. Hall. She taught the power of words.

E.B. White and Charlotte’s Web, my childhood favorite book. I checked this book out of the school library until my mom gifted me one Christmas with my own copy. Oh, joy!

My husband, Tommy. I’ve watched him masterfully create sermon after sermon for thirty-six years. He has encouraged, taught, helped, and believed from the beginning.

Books I Have Written:

My first middle grade fiction book, The Wish I Wished Last Night, released October 2017. It is the first in The Chronicles of Crumberry series.

I have contributed to several books, including The Mighty Pen, Stupid Moments, Short and Sweet, Short and Sweet Too, and Guideposts The Joy of Christmas.

What I'm Working On Now:

I am nearing the completion of the second book in The Chronicles of Crumberry series. I’m excited to share Jase’s adventures in friendship and difficult decisions.

Having been a pastor’s wife for thirty-six years, I understand the challenges and joys of living on the frontlines of ministry. I am currently pouring into a devotion/inspirational book for the pastor’s wife.


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