Clarice Gregoire James

Why I Started Writing:

After years of raising a family and working fulltime outside the home, I’ve reached a stage in life where I can pursue writing—like I’ve wanted to since high school. The encouragement I received over time from professors, employers, friends, and family always spurred me on. My desire never waned. Now I get to choose what I write! Currently, it is contemporary women’s fiction. 

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Mark Twain (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer), Erma Bombeck (The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank), and Dave Barry (Miami Herald columnist) showed me the funny side of human nature. A. A. Milne (of Winnie-the-Pooh fame) and Marjery Williams (The Velveteen Rabbit) taught me about unconditional love. Charles Dickens (A Tale of Two Cities), Victor Hugo (Les Miserables), and Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook) showed me the fullness of love and heartache. Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbs) and Scott Adams (Dilbert) taught me to laugh at myself. Mary Higgins Clark and Jan Karon (The Mitford Series) added just enough mystery without scaring me half to death. Dale Cramer and Daphne Simpkins made me want to move down south. Women’s contemporary fiction authors Deborah Bedford and Cynthia Ruchti inspire me to write better every day. 

Books I Have Written:

As one of three winners in the 2014 Jerry Jenkins Operation First Novel contest, Double Header was published by Mountainview Books LLC in December 2015. The story follows a rising sports columnist who fears losing the unblemished memories of her late father when she learns she has a brother no one knew existed. 

Party of One, my second, will be published by Elk Lake Publishing in 2017. In a bold move for a private woman, a widow starts a supper club for single diners, where her private life becomes the “blue plate special” for the eclectic mix who join her.

What I'm Working On Now:

I’ve completed my third manuscript, a contemporary work titled Manhattan Grace. In this novel, drama, romance, humor, and skullduggery ensue when an aspiring actress leaves Cape Cod to become a nanny in Manhattan, where her path crosses with a Jewish believer who mentors her, a seven-year-old who challenges her, and a jewel thief who fools them all.  

My fourth novel is underway. Titled After Juliette, it explores the shock of losing a loved one to drug abuse.

Clarice James

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