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Adams, Michelle Medlock

The Little Angel Gets a Big Job

I Love You the Mostest

Anderson, Max Elliot

The Sense of Humor

The Sam Cooper Adventures:

Lost Island Smugglers

Captain Jack’s Treasure

River Rampage

This Property is Condemned

At the Buzzer

Ghosts in the Old Attic

Accidental Adventures of Kurt Benson and His Friends, Riley and Jordan:

The Cat Burglar

Funny Money

The Secret of Grandmother’s Grandfather Clock

Summer Camp Troubles

Danger Mountain

Shadow of the Fat Man

Arthur, Randall

ABCs on the Move

Forgotten Road


Babcock, Derinda

Dodging Destiny

Following Destiny

In Search of Destiny

Barnes, Sandra

Presence of Cyn

Twenty-Eight First Kisses

Barnett-Gramckow, Kacy (RJ Larson)




Barlow, Holly

Showers of Blessings**

Beckwith, Dave and Joanne

The Edge

Beeman, MM

Nick Banner and the Pharaoh’s Greed

Bisbano, Cherrilynn

True Star Quality**

Bolton, Martha

The Whole World Is Changing and I’m Too Hot to Care

Boulden, Laurie

Weighed Down

Brownell, Ada

The Lady Fugitive

Peach Blossom Rancher

Bull, Molly Noble

When the Cowboy Rides Away

Burke, Ralene

Armor of Aletheia**


Cameron, Connie

Christmas Underdogs

Campbell, Anne Baxter

Blessed by Time**

Fear Not

Chambers, Sally

The Stonekeepers

Collins, Andrew (Ace)

A Date with Death (Video)

The Dark Pool (Video)

Blood Brother

Fatal Addiction

The Devil’s Eyes

The Dead Can Talk

Bottled Madness

Shadows In the Moonlight


Uneasy Alliance

The 13th Floor (Video)

The White Rose (Video)

The Cat's Eye

In the President's Service:Episodes 1-3

Touchdown Tommy



Etchison, Birdie

Carly’s Dream


Fairchild, Jacqueline Gillam

Estate of Mind

Finger, Catherine

Anchored by Death


Gabriel, Justin

Kings of the Promised Land

Gansky, Aaron & Kaye Morrison

Heart's Song

Godfrees, Lisa

Mind Writer

Goodrich, Donna

A Step in the Write Direction

Greene, Anne

Angels with Steel Wings

Holly Garden, P.I: Red is for Rookie


Hall, J Alden

Connected: From Godfather to Glory

Helveston, Jason

Tell Me Everything: How Jesus Told Me His Story

Heinemen, Brandy

Whispers in the Branches

Hogan, Erica Marie

The Lost Generation

Winter Queen**


Inman, Travis W.

Shadow: One Choice a Future Makes


James, Clarice Gregoire

Double Header

Party of One

Janney, Rebecca Price

Easton at the Forks

Easton in the Valley


Komara, Michael

Life in the Balance


Leslie, Mark Alan

Chasing the Music

The Crossing

The Last Ayilah**

Levellie, Jeannette

The Heart of Humor

Levesque, Peggy

Ashes in the Wind

Liesner, Delores

Be the Miracle

Lindquist, Kerstin

5 Months Apart: A Story of Infertility, Faith, and Grace

Lynch, Mike

Mind Writer


Macias, Kathi

40-Day Devotional Challenge

Martin, Jann

Bible Characters Through the Ages: Book One – Adam in the Garden

Bible Characters Through the Ages: Book Two – Meeting Eve

Bible Characters Through the Ages: Book Three – David and Goliath

Bible Characters Through the Ages: Book Four–The Amazing Esther

Bible Characters Through the Ages: Book Five–Isaac and His Family

Bible Characters Through the Ages: Book Six–Jacob's Journey

McCormick, Mike

ManQuest: Leading Teenage Boys into Manhood

Miller, Kathy Collard

Choices of the Heart: Daughters of the King Bible Study Series

Whispers of My Heart: Daughters of the King Bible Study Series

Moen, Lydia

String of Pearls

Maggie’s Rainbow


Napier, Barry

Break Every Chain

Naugle, Sonya G.

Whispers of God's Love**



Parker, Dr. Johnny

Turn the Page

Turn the Page Coloring Book

Petherick, Jeff

Grace Like Rain


Phifer, Peggy Blann

Somehow, Christmas Will Come

Pierce, Jeanette

When the Cowboy Rides Away: Teacher’s Edition

When the Cowboy Rides Away: Student’s Edition



Roeleveld, Lori Stanley

Red Pen Redemption

Rondeau, Linda

Miracle on Maple Street

Snow on Bald Mountain

The Fiddler's Fling

The Fifteenth Article


Shupp, James

One Blinding Vision: The Quest to See Jesus

Who Killed My Church?

Simmons, Cynthia L.

Pursuing Gold

Smith, Poppy

Go For It!

Stock, Elaine

Always with You


Teague, Kim

The Secret of Jenny’s Portrait

Trumbore, Lisa

Away in the Snow for Christmas

Marooned on Monkey Island




Weatherly, Gene


Weigelt, Matthew

Adventures of Matt Barnes**

Williams, Zillah

I Only Want to Dance with You

Tomodachi: Yesterday’s Enemy



Yeager, Tina



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